Application 2019 is now closed

It is no longer possible to apply for the study year 2019/20, term 1 of our bachelor's or master's programme in Fine Arts. On Friday the 15th of March we will open an application round called later part of the programme which is for those who already have at the minimum 60 ECTS credits of courses within Fine Arts from another school in order to be eligible for studies in the third term of either of our two programmes. More information about that application and link to the online application service will be published on our Swedish website before the 15th of March since this application is only available on


What happens now?

Here is some information for you who have applied in our ordinary application round with deadline 8th of March (open for  late application between the 1st and 8th of March):

In week 11 our jury will go through all applications and select a number of applicants they would like to interview. Parallel to the jury work the Admissions Office look at everyone's merits and go through the documents sent in/uploaded at Certificates/ grades you did not send in/upload at the time of application you still have a chance to submit but do it as soon as you can and no later than the 12th of March.

In week 12 we will call for interviews, via e-mail and/or phone.

In week 14 (3rd-5th of April) the interviews take place. For international applicants, living outside Sweden, we can offer the interview via Skype. All Swedish applicants who are in the country at the time of the interviews we want you to come to the school, which by the way is an excellent opportunity to look around and to meet the staff. Only if you have very good reasons why not to come, we can approve to do the interview over Skype instead.

In week 19 (8th of May) the notification of selection result will be published on   


Non-EU applicants

Application- and study fees
In 2011 application- and study fees were introduced in Sweden for higher education for non EU/EEA, and Swiss, citizens. Here you may find out if you are required to pay any fees or not. If so, please see other pages on for more information on how to pay first the application fee and then the tuition fee. Remember that even if you have citizenship in a European Union (EU), or a European Economic Area (EEA) country, or Switzerland and are exempted from paying fees you must send in proof of it  in order for your application to be processed. See here what you need to submit in if you are an EU citizen. Here you find additional information from Umeå University regarding tuition, fees and funding and FAQ on application and tuition fees.

Last day to pay the application fee if you are required to pay study fees, or to show proof of exemption of fees if you are an EU citizen (do not hold a Swedish citizenship), is on the 12th of March. Required documents submitted after that date will mean your application will be regarded as late and end up last in the selection and/or even worse not be processed at all.


Umeå University offers a few scholarships for international fee-paying students. These selections are made once annually, in conjunction with the autumn term intakes. Selections are based only on merit. To be considered for this scholarship, an applicant must submit a complete application for admissions before the application deadline and have Umeå University as first choice for the applied programme/education. See here for more information and the online application form. Additional information regarding fees as well as scholarships you may find here.



Should you have questions regarding your application do not hesitate to contact us on