This year's application round is closed.
Welcome back next year!

Information to you who have applied!

In week 11 a jury will go through all applications. In week 13, possibly week 14, we will contact eligible applicants selected by our jury group, for an interview and in week 16 the interviews take place. If you don't hear from us in the weeks 13-14 you have unfortunately not been selected and in that case you're of course welcome to try again next year!

To you who have had your interview:
Notification of selection results will be published at on 7 May! As you are notified you will also get a welcome letter (link to where to find it will be included in the message you get with the result).



Please note that you can no longer apply for admission autumn 2020!

First of all you send in your application to After that you start to upload your work samples.

Step 1. Send in your application to
On the programme web page Master's Programme in Fine Arts you find information about the programme and if you scrol down on the page under the headline Application and eligibility you find the terms and conditions.

As you apply make sure you follow the application process carefully step-by-step so you don't miss out of anything. Many applicants for example forget to submit the right supporting documents.

Step 2. Upload your work samples
When you have sent your application to it's time to submit your work samples.

Here you upload your worksamples when you apply to our Master's programme in Fine Arts (application closed!)

  • Work samples
    You have the possibility to upload up to 10 different work samples, and you may attach 5 files per sample. You have until last application date 2nd of March to change and edit as much as you want. Just remember to save each time you work on your application! A description of the samples is not mandatory but desirable.

  • Project description
    In addition to your work samples a project description in English is required when you apply to our master's programme (MFA). In this you describe your plans for the first study year. You do it by typing the text in the box that you find in the application form, max one A4 page.

  • Format for digital files
    Accepted file formats are AVI, MOV, MPG4 for films, JPEG for images and WAV, AAC, AC3 and AIFF for sound. Note that large files can take some time to upload. Max size for video files is 2 GB whereas images should not be larger than 5 MB.



Master's Programme in Fine Arts

  • Terms and conditions
    If you're in your final term of bachelor studies (180 ECTS), and you haven't yet obtained your degree certificate, you need to submit a transcript of all completed terms of studies and your home university should confirm you're exptected to graduate after the end of the term. As soon as you have applied for and obtained your degree certificate you should upload it at Here you find additional information.

    In our Master's (MFA) programme the official language of instruction is English. When it comes to English the entry requirement, for both our programmes, is that you have minimum English B/6 or equivalent. You may demonstrate that you meet the English language requirement through certain upper secondary (high school) studies, certain university studies, or an internationally approved English test such as TOEFL. Here you find more information about that.


 22 January (13:00) 2020: Application opens at and the link for uploading one's work samples is published

2 March (00:00) 2020: Last application date
From 10 March closed for late application!

13 March 2020: Last day to upload supportive documentation to prove your eligibility

13 March 2020: Last day also to submit supportive documentaion if you're not required to pay tuition fees, or to pay your application fee if you are

Week 13, or week 14, 2020: Call for interviews (Master's programme) are sent out

Week 16: Interviews (Master's programme)

Week 19 (7 May): Notification of Selection Results is published


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