Application for 2018 opens on January 22.
Welcome back then!

Next year's application round opens on January 22. By then this page will be updated with instructions on how to apply, links to the application and other relevant information regarding the application!


Deadline for applying is March 1. As soon as the application is closed our jury will start the work of going through all the applications to finally end up with a number of candidates they wish to call for an interview. This work will take place in week 10 and possibly week 11. After that the Admissions Office at Umeå University will check on the entry requirements (primarily the ones our jury have selected for the interview). As soon as that work is completed we will call for interviews, something that may take until after Easter. The interviews will in that case take place in week 15 and 16. Notification of selection result will finally be published on in week 19.

You apply to us in two steps:
Step 1. Send in your application to
Step 2. Upload your work samples


Step 1. Apply via

Start by creating an account unless you already have one.

Here you find more information on how you apply to Follow the instructions carefully step-by-step so you don't miss out of anything. Many applicants forget to submit the right supporting documents. See here for more information and useful links. Remember that all copies of original documents must be certified as true copies of the original. Here you can find out how you should certify your documents. If you for example upload your documents, you must scan in your original documents, not copies. Scans of copies are not accepted.

Application- and study fees
In 2011 application- and study fees were introduced in Sweden for higher education for non EU/EEA, and Swiss, citizens. Here you may find out if you are required to pay any fees or not. If so, please see other pages on for more information, among others the following two: Paying your application fee and Paying your tuition fees. Remember that even if you have citizenship in a European Union (EU), or a European Economic Area (EEA) country, or Switzerland and are exempted from paying fees you must send in proof of your citizenship in order for your application to be processed. See here what you need to submit in if you are an EU citizen. Here you find additional information from Umeå University regarding tuition, fees and funding and FAQ on application and tuition fees.

Last day to pay the application fee if you are required to pay study fees, or to show proof of exemption of fees, is on March 12. Required documents submitted after that date will mean your application will be regarded as late and end up last in the selection and/or even worse not be processed at all.

If you are in your final term of bachelor's studies
If you apply to our master's programme and are in your final year of bachelor's studies, so you do not yet hold the required degree, you may of course apply to us anyway as long as you provide a transcript for all completed terms of studies as well as a certificate from your home university saying you are in your final term and intend to graduate once the final credits are reported. When you have applied for your degree certificate you need to show it to the Admissions Office (preferably before the term starts, if later than that your registration on the programme will be delayed) so make sure you apply for your degree as soon as possible after you have graduated! Here you find additional information.

Language requirements
New for next year is that the official language of instruction will be English in our BFA programme. Previously that has only been applied to our MFA programme. A large percentage of the staff as well as guest teachers that we invite to the school are English speaking and so it makes sense to offer both programmes in English. The entry requirement is the equivalent of English studies at upper secondary (high school) level in Sweden, called English 6/English Course B. See here for different ways of meeting the English language requirement. If you do not meet the requirement with upper secondary or university studies you must demonstrate your English ability through an internationally recognised test. See here for more information on the accepted tests and the minimum result required.

The Umeå University offers a few scholarships for international fee-paying students. These selections are made once annually, in conjunction with the autumn term intakes. Selections are based only on merit. To be considered for this scholarship, an applicant must submit a complete application for admissions before the application deadline and have Umeå University as first choice for the applied programme/education. See here for more information and the online application form. Additional information regarding fees as well as scholarships you may find here.


Step 2. Upload your work samples

When you have applied via it is time to submit your work samples. You do that online by uploading your files.

Start by filling out your contacts. The application number asked for you find on top of your application sent to (seven digits). After a few minutes an automatic email with logins is sent to you (note that it can take up to an hour in some cases). Your username is your email address. Now you can start uploading your work samples.

The work samples can be drawings, sketches, photos, images of sculptures, films or videos. Accepted file formats are AVI, MOV, MPG4 for films, JPEG for images and WAV, AAC, AC3 and AIFF for sound. Note that large files can take some time to upload. Max size for video files is 2 GB, images should not be larger than 5 MB. You have until 1 March to change and edit as much as you like before you send it. Just remember to save it each time you write text and not click send until you feel that you are completely done with your application! A description of the samples is not mandatory but desirable. You apply with up to 10 work samples and you may submit up to 5 files per sample. You may apply with less than 10, however, the more you submit the better selection for the jury and the better chances you have in being selected for an interview, still of course it is the quality that counts rather than the quantity. It is neither better nor worse to submit work samples within many different fields. You have just as good of a chance to be selected if you submit all the work samples within the same field as in different fields. Instead we rather see that you to apply with what best represents you and your artistic experience!

In addition to your work samples a project description in English is required when you apply to our master programme (MFA). With this you describe your plans for the first study year. Note that you do not attach it or send it in separately in any way, simply type it in the box, max one A4 page!


What happens next?

Shortly after the application is closed we will contact the ones the jury have selected for an interview. The interviews will take place in mid-April. The members of the jury prefer to do the interview in person but for international applicants living abroad and/or special reasons it can also be conducted over skype.

Here you can read more about the jury work, who is part of it and what they look at.

If you have not heard from us the week after Easter you know that you will most likely not be offered a place. Everybody will be notified but the ones not called for an interview may have to wait a little longer. The official notification of selection results will be published in the beginning of May. There will only be one selection round and so there is no last date for replying to universityadmissions, however if you have been offered a place we want you to let us know if you decide to say no so that we as soon as possible can offer the place to the next person on the waiting list. 


Important dates

January 22 - Application opens
March 1 - Last application day
March 12 - Last day for submitting documents/paying application fee or showing proof of excemption of fees if you are an international applicant
May 8  - Selection


If you have any questions regarding the application or any educational related issues send a mail to:, or contact Student Coordinator Jeanette Nilsson.


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Image: Jakob Westberg/MFA 2016, "Sweet Me" 2016. Pralines produced with the artist's body fat, 20x20 cm. Courtesy of the artist.