BFA - 180 Credits

Our Bachelor of Fine Arts programe

provides you with basic skills in artistic interpretation, theory and technics with a focus on artistic development work in an international perspective. Every year more than 300 apply to the programme so the competition is fierce. Among these a jury selects the ones they would like to meet for an interview and in the end approximately 15 of those are admitted.

Here you find out more about the admission process, how and when to apply. 

Here you find the programme syllabus for the BFA programme. Please note that a complete version of it is only available in Swedish right now. Next study year, 2018/19, the programme will be offered in English and by then it will be available in both languages, until then only the entry requirements is shown, see here.


Own studios and well-equipped workshops

In total there are approximately 70 students at the school. All students are given a studio space of his or her own or in a shared studio.  

The school has well-equipped workshops for wood, metal, plaster, bronze, graphics, photo, video or computer-based work. Apart from our workshops there are a number of project rooms that can be reserved if you sometimes feel that you need working space outside of your studio. Here you find out more how it works and the link to the school's booking system. 



The official language of the programme is Swedish and therefore if you do  not have a Swedish upper secondary education you have to prove that you have enough skills in Swedish in order to be admitted. This you do by taking a TISUS test. On Umeå University's website you may find information in terms of when, where and how you sign up for the test, see here. Please note that the page is only available in Swedish. 

Even though the official language is Swedish, the tuition language is oftentimes English due to English speaking/non-Swedish speaking teachers and/or international students at the school.


Own work

As a student at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts you work to a great extent (about 60 %) of the time, on your individual artistic project. The rest of the time there are courses (mandatory for the term you are in), workshops, lectures or other activites on the schedule that you participate in. Each year has a tutor/supervisor who particularly follows the students in his/her class with individual tutorials throughout the year.  Apart from that all teachers offer individual tutorials/studio talks some for their class students and some open for all, whenever they are at the school. On top of that, in your final year you will have a common graduate exhibition at the school's own gallery.


Here you may download our brochure as a pdf.  If you want a copy of it just let us know and we'll be happy to send you one!

Here is a similar brochure about the Arts Campus.