Exchange Studies

Incoming exchange students -
Application instructions

How to apply for exchange studies at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts

Step 1. Nomination and selection of courses
In order to apply to us there must be an exisiting partner agreement between us and your home university. If there is such an agreement you have to let your international coordinator know that you want to apply so that he/she can nominate you for the exchange studies. After you have been nominated by your coordinator you will receive an e-mail with application instructions. Please note that the e-mail may occasionally be caught in the spam folder.

Nomination deadline for the autumn term 2017: April 3

Application deadline for the autum term 2017: April 18

For more information see here.

Our students are registered for certain programme courses from term to term so depending on which year of studies you are in we will advise you to apply to the courses offered to our BFA students doing their 2nd or 3rd year of studies or the courses offered to our MFA students doing their 1st or 2nd year of studies. These courses are mandatory and it is expected that you participate in all of them. By following and passing the courses you will earn 30 ECTS credits. On top of that you have the option to participate in a number of workshops offered to all students. These will not give you any extra credits but hopefully provide you with new skills plus you can always ask the teacher or professor holdig the workshop to certify that you have participated in his/her workshop. On top of the 30 credits you take with us you have the possibility to apply for another 15 credits if you find a course offered by another department.

Here you find the online course catalogue.

Before you select your courses and turn in your application send an email to and let us know which term of studies you are in and we will provide you with the right syllabuses of the courses offered in that particular term of studies.

Step 2. Work samples, motivation letter and CV
In addition to applying according to the instructions sent to you and your selection of courses, you need to send your digital portfolio to us. This application should include approximtely 5 work samples saved on a usb memory stick, a motivation letter and your CV. Send your application to the following address:

Umeå University
Academy of Fine Arts, Arts Campus
Att. Jeanette Nilsson
SE-901 87 Umeå, Sweden

You may also send your portfolio by email, using for example WeTransfer. You then mail it to

Note that it is the same deadline for sending your portfolio/ work samples to us as it is for the selection of courses, i.e. April 18 for the autumn term 2017.


Selection procedure

After the deadline our professors will go through the incoming applications and decide who they want to offer a place. As soon as they have decided that you will be notified about the result. Our professors base their decision on the artistic quality of the portfolio and on the student's qualification and motivation. In addition, we also have to adjust to the total number of students at the school as we only have a certain number of studio places to offer our students.