Incoming exchange students

On this page we have gathered information for you who are considering applying to us as an exchange student.



In order to apply for exchange studies at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts your home university must have signed an exchange agreement with Umeå University. Contact the international coordinator at your home university to get help finding out if such an agreement exists, and if you can be nominated as an exchange student.

If an exchange agreement exists the international offic/coordinator at your home university should have received nomination instructions from us. If you have students you wish to nominate however have not yet received our email with nomination instructions please contact us!

Once the nomination is completed an automatic e-mail with  application instructions (how to select courses) will be sent to the nominated student. To ensure that you receive e-mails sent and that they don't end up in your spam kindly add the e-mail address as a safe sender.



Spring term
Nominations: 1 October
Applications: 15 October

Autumn term
Nominations: 1 April 
Applications: 15 April  

No late nominations or applications will be considered.


Digital portfolio

Important is that you - in addition to applying for courses - send your digital portfolio and motivational letter to us (same deadline as the course selection). It should consists of approximately 5 samples that shows your recent artistic work. After the deadline our teachers will look through the applications and do the selection based on the artistic quality of the portfolio along with the motivational letter. In addition we constantly have to adapt to the number of studio places accessible so whether or not we're able to offer a place may also depend on how many students, BA/MA, we expect to have when the term begins.

Send your work samples and motivational letter to
preferably with Wetransfer however to divide the files and send a few at the time also works.



To incoming exchange students we offer two course packages, one on BA level and one on MA level corresponding to 30 ECTS. Follow the links for information about them and what courses are included. Below course packages are the ones we offer for the autumn term 2021

Artistic practice, bachelor's level, term 3

Artistic practice, master's level, term 1

The number of credits a student can be admitted to is restricted to 30 ECTS per term, which equals full-time studies. Students who require a residence permit must be admitted to 30 ECTS. If students are admitted to 30 ECTS the exceeding courses that the student has applied for will be dropped, with the exemption of Swedish for International Students, Beginners´ Courses. These courses can be selected in addition to 30 ECTS in other subjects.

Besides the courses in your course package you  you have the option to sign up for several workshops that we offer. These will not give you any extra credits and therefore they will not be shown on your transcript of records nevertheless they will hopefully provide you with new skills and would you like to have it documented you may ask responsible teacher to certify you have participated in his/her workshop.


International Student Guide

Finally, in the International Student Guide you who intend to study at Umeå University will find a lot of practical information. Take the time to look it through and you're guaranteed to find the answers to many of your questions but if not you're welcome to contact us at