The application for our summer course 2018 will open on 19 February.
Welcome back then!

It is now decided that we next year will offer one summer course in performance called "Performance, Happening, Action, and Social Sculpture". At the moment the existing course syllabus is just a working copy but as soon as it is decided who is going to teach and we will get more information about the content it will be published on this page.

Forms of instruction

Usually our summer courses follow the structure of two mandatory two-week periods of teaching, one in June and one in August, with students' own artistic work in between. The course then ends with an exhibition over the weekend of the second teaching week. The course is worth 15 ECTS credits and is study entitled.


How to apply

Similar as to our programmes you apply via and by sending work samples to us, only you send them by mail instead of uploading them digitally. We need the work samples in order to determine your artistic experience and so they are essential in the selection process. You should send in 3-5 work samples and a short description of them (production year, title if any and background). Save them on a usb memory stick and make sure you put your name on it and which of the two courses you apply to. You may also mail them to If larger files than 5MB you need to send them with Dropbox or WeTransfer.

If you send us your work samples on a usb-stick this is the address: 

Umeå University
Academy of Fine Arts
Att. Jeanette Nilsson
SE-901 87 Umeå, Sweden

If you want your usb-stick back after the application please include a stamped and addressed envelope.


Upload/Send in the right papers to
In order to prove your eligibility you need to send in copies of your previous studies.  Here you may find useful links in terms of what type of documentation is needed and how it should be submitted. If you don't submit all documents that is required the processing of your application will be delayed or worst case not processed at all. Therefore it's very important that you take the time to read all instructions carefully. Remember that all copies of original documents must be certified as true copies of the original. Here you can find out how you should certify your documents. If you for example upload your documents, you must scan in your original documents, not copies. Scans of copies are not accepted.

Application- and study fees
In 2011 application- and study fees were introduced in Sweden for higher education for non EU/EEA, and Swiss, citizens. Here you may find out if you are required to pay application- and tuition fees or not. If so, please read other pages on for more information, Paying your application fee and Paying your tuition fees

If you belong to the group that needs to pay study fees the cost for participating in one of our summer courses is 83 750 SEK.

Remember that even if you have citizenship in a European Union (EU), or a European Economic Area (EEA) country, or Switzerland and are exempted from paying fees you must send in proof of your citizenship in order for your application to be processed. See here what you need to send in if you are an EU citizen.  


What happens after you have applied?

Last day for applying is 15 March.

The notification of selection results is published on your account on universityadmissions on 2 May. You do not have to reply to that but please inform us at the Academy of Fine Arts if you do not wish to keep your place.


For questions please send an e-mail to