Application for purchase of materials for exam project

Students in BFA3 and MFA2 can apply to make purchases for materials for their exam project. An application must be filled in and submitted to the administrative coordinator during the period of 5 - 22 January  2018. Application received after 22 January, will not be processed.

 In the application you describe how you plan to use the material for your exam project, and you specify where to buy it and the prices. Max three different suppliers per application. Application can be up to 3000 SEK (for BFA) and 5000 SEK (for MFA) per student/term and may be accepted fully or partly. The coordinator revise the application together with the class tutor and the Rector/Head of Department approves.

Umeå University is covered by the Swedish law about public procurement (LOU), so procured suppliers should be used as far as possible, and preferably within Sweden's borders. Umeå University has its own print shop and a web shop with office supplies. Ask any of your teachers or anyone at the office where relevant material can be purchased. The application does not concern the purchase of technical equipment. There is equipment to lend in Lost & Found.

Answers to the application will be announced at the end of January and after that it is possible to make purchases via requisition/order from the administrative coordinator. You cannot make purchases after the exam date. Follow-ups of the applied amount and purchased amount will be made on a continuous basis, if the amount of purchase exceeds the applied amount, this will be invoiced the student at the end of the term.

Form for application mtrl ex project 2018