During your Studies

Arts Campus

The Arts Campus consists of the Academy of Fine Arts, the Institute of Design, the School of Architecture, Bildmuseet, Humlab-X and Sliperiet. It is a unique environment for research, education and events within architecture, design and art. Here you can learn more about the history of Arts Campus, from idea to the point when it was inaugurated in May 2012. 

At the Arts Campus we also have a small library, UB Arts Campus, located right in between the three schools, Bildmuseet and HUMlab-X, and next to the restaurant Hansson & Hammar. The library is aimed at students, researchers and lecturers at the three artistic schools but is also open to the public. The library books, journals and electronic resources are oriented towards contemporary art, architecture and design. Here you find the opening hours of UB Arts Campus.



You can turn to Infocenter no matter what questions you have regarding the university. You find them in a building called Universum up at the main Campus. Several of the service departments at the university have certain drop in hours when you can get in touch with them. To find out their opening anv visiting hours look at the top right corner on the page linked to.



If you have problems with your e-mail, wireless Internet, user account etc, Servicedesk can help you. Here you find answers to the most frequently asked questions. Look them through to see if you find the answer to your problem, if not contact Servicedesk by calling or filling out the request form.


Student Health Service

If you feel that you would like to talk to someone regarding your health, Student Health Service is the place you should turn to. There is no Doctor working there but you can get supportive, motivational or advisory councelling with a curator and a nurse. Here you can read more about the Student Health Service and find out their phone hours if you like bo book councelling.

In the Administration building, on the 2nd floor, where you also go if you have a pre-booked appointment, you find Aurora - a light and quiet room for rest and recovery. During drop in hours at Infocenter you can get shorter advice and make appointments for counselling with a nurse and/or a social counsellor.

29 February -  4 March the Student Health Service together with the student unions and Church on Campus (and others) organize a week for students about student life and alcohol culture. Here you find the whole programme for the week.



As an enrolled student or as a PhD student, you can apply for individual support in connection with your studies. Contact one of the coordinators at Umeå University if you are in need of support due to your handicap. On Umeå University's website you may find more information about studying with disabilities and available support.


Academic Resource Centre (ARC)

If you feel that you would like to improve your writing skills and/or to get useful tips and advise in making presentations etc, ARC in the University Library can help you. They have walk-in service at certain days and hours but you can also book an appointment. They also offer interesting lectures. For more information and their programme for the spring see here.


Study leave

As an enrolled student at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts you have the right to apply for  study leave if you feel that you want to take a break in your studies. The decision is taken by the faculty board or equivalent. Guaranteed admission after a study break is only approved in special circumstances such as social and/or medical reasons. Examples of such could be child care, military or civic service or student union mission. If guaranteed admission is rejected the student mus, at the resumption of studies, apply to enter the later part of the programme. Approval of such reentry is subject to availability. Notification of resumption of studies after a study break is to be submitted no later than the 15th of April for the autumn term and the 15th of October for the spring term.

Here is the form that you use if you want to apply for study leave.


Forms and templates

Unfortunately many of the forms and template used within Umeå University are not yet available in English. However, this is about to change and so in a near future we hope that most of the forms today only available in Swedish will also be available in English. When they are you will be able to find some of them here.