Outgoing exchange students -
Application instructions

Here we have gathered all useful information for those of our students who are thinking of applying for exchange studies.

Agreement/ no agreement

One of the advantages of applying to a school which we have an agreement with is that there is no need for you to pay study fees for your exchange studies if you would be accepted. Here you can search for existing agreements if you're not sure whether or not your school has an agreement with Umeå University. In the database you also find the agreements established at the Academy of Fine Arts as a department within the Faculty of Arts. Here you may find additional information and useful links about exchange studies in general. If you know about a school which we do not have an agreement with let us know. It might be a school which we can contact and try to establish an agreement with. Not all schools are however interested in establishing agreements and/or it may be a school that we do not consider of interest for us. If you want to apply to a school that Umeå University does not have an agreement with you will have to arrange everything yourself and first of all find out if it's possible to apply as a freemover. Some schools do not even accept such applications.


Agreements within the Erasmus programme are the most common ones. Within Erasmus you may also apply for traineeship. Here you find more information about that.


Umeå Academy of Fine Arts is a member of a network called KUNO which consists of 18 art schools within the nordic-baltic region. As a student at one of these schools you may apply for exchange studies at one of the 18 schools outside of Sweden. Apart from exchange studies you may apply for a placement or for an express mobility course. Such courses are advertised every once in a while and just as exchange studies you are entitled to financial support if you're accepted. Here you can find out more and you also find the application form you need to fill out in order to receive the grants. Please note that you do not fill out the application form until you have found out that you are offered a spot!

How/When do you apply

If you have thoughts about going abroad to study for a semester or for a full study year  you should start to plan for that long in advance and find out as much as you can about the particular country, town and school of interest. We encourage exchanges but during your first and last semester of your programme we do not wish our students to be away for any longer periods of time due to the fact that you have recently just got started if in your first year and if you're in your final year you will be busy with your examination. The most suitable time to be away on exchanges is during the second semester as well as during the whole second year in the BA programme. Befoare you apply for any exchanges always come and talk to the coordinator/ international contact person and discuss your plans with your main tutor/professor.

Start with finding out which courses you can take and if there are any demands in form of language skills. Because all schools have different application procedures (deadlines and what to include in your application) you must find out from school to school how and when you apply. Usually deadline for applying to the spring semester is in October/November and to the fall semester March/April. Some schools only accept applications once a year and some want your coordinator to nominate you before you can apply.

Remember that it's always up to the school to decide whether or not they want to accept you or not. Just because we have an agreement with them doesn't mean you are automatically accepted. In the end it comes to your application and the artisitc quality of your portfolio! 


Before departure

If you're accepted there are a number of things to deal with, among other things accomodation, visa and insurance. Here you find some useful information about that and other practicalities. Within the Erasmus programme you have a chance to apply for scholarships. Here you find more information about that and how you apply for it.

Regarding the courses you intend to take it's important that they are equivalent to the courses you would have taken if you would not have left for an exchange semester or a full study year if you want to be able to count them as part of your degree.


When you return

When you return you need to apply for transfer of credits. Here you find more information and useful links. Please also make sure that you share your experience to inspire other students to go on exchange and fill out a travel report (instructions on that you may get from your coordinator or the International Office).