Apply for your Degree

When you have completed you may apply for your degree. There are two ways of applying: either you can do it online in Portalen or you can fill out the application form and send it to the Degree Evaluation Office/Student Services by regular mail. If you use the paper form you mark "Degree of Master (120 credits)" and put"Fine Arts" as main field of study.


Follow your application

No matter which way you choose to apply in you should be able to follow the progress of your application in Portalen. In the tab Mina studier (My studies) you will find "Follow degree application" in the left hand menu. For example you may have to send in additional  information, or other required information, and then you receive information on that; whereas when no additional documentation is required you are notified as soon as the degree certificate has been issued. 


Useful information

Usually you will receive your degree certificate within eight weeks. Most of the time it does not take that long but by the end of each term and especially during the summer months it tends to take longer. The Degree Evalutation Office recommends that you apply for your degree certificate when all courses are approved or at the earliest when only one course remains. If the application is not complete they will await supplementary data for 60 days. If the required supplementary data has not been submitted after 60 days, the application will be cancelled and you will then have to apply again.

Here you find more useful information when you are about to apply for your degree.