Below you can find links to the schedule where courses, workshops, seminars, lectures, art presentations, exhibitions etc are shown. The same schedule is also shown on the screen outside the school's former library.

We try not to change dates other than necessary but sometimes it happens. In addition, new events (mainly lectures and art presentations) can be decided and scheduled during the semester. 


Calendar by grade:

Schedule in Google Calendar:

Mobile version:


Schedules and sign-up lists

Please note that on our google calendar teachers' schedules are not added in detail. This due to the fact that the overview is easily lost when too many activities overlap. The schedules are always mailed out and announced on our whiteboards. Most of the time it's the principle first come first served meaning you sometimes need to be quick in signing up. You should however be as certain as you can before you decide to sign up for something. Of course things can happen so that you cannot participate. If that's the case don't forget to cross your name out so that one of your student fellows has a chance to take your place!


Keep yourself updated

Make it a habit to visit our schedule site on a regular basis and download it to your smartphone so that you always have access to it. If you have any problems to make it work please talk to our IT-technician Jonathan Harding when he's at the school (usually on Wednesdays). Last but not least, you should check your school email every now and then since this is the channel used by most staff members to send out information and also to inform about changes, such as delayed flights for our fly in-fly out guest teachers/visitors or postponed events.