Friendly Sabotage / In Sketchland

At Galleriet, Umeå Academy of Fine Arts

A joint exhibition of works by students in the summer program of Umeå Academy of Fine Arts. This summer program comprised two courses taught by Bettina Allamoda and Olav Westphalen.

With: Jette Andersen, Carolina Andreasson, Razvan Anghelache, Ellen Angus, Kinga Bartis, Klara Alice Bergman, Rakel Julia Bergman, Jessika Björn, Jonas Börjesson, Sofie Fredin, Madeleine Hansen, Jesper Henningsson, Johanna Högberg, Mathias Höglund, Madeleine Kozma, Judit Kristensen, Jenny Käll, Rebecca Lindahl Boyd, Linnea Lindmark, Jonatan Mattisson, Viktor Mattson, Magdalena Nordin, Jonatan Pihlgren, Cecilia Ringertz, Alexander Skats, Assar Tallinger, Annika Stridh, Andreas Wittwer, Amin Zouiten

Bettina  Allamoda's course, "Friendly Sabotage," combines artistic research and practice with material and spatial-based thinking, reflection, analysis and discussion: Developing individual work(s), presented in a collectively created exhibition parcours spreading from Umeå Academy of Fine Arts to local public spaces, surpassing city limits and incorporating the notion of global infrastructure and back again.

Olav Westphalen's course, "Sketchland," takes its departure from the act of drawing, in the widest possible sense: as representation, as invention, as construction and reconstruction, as memory and speculation, as narration and as a performative act (as in drawing a border on a map, drawing a 6-digit check, or drawing fire or criticism or attention).

The exhibition is a collaboration between both student groups.

Vernissage August 18, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm (Bar till 12:00 midnight)
Opening hours: August 19 and 20, 12:00 noon - 4:00 pm