Umeå Academy of Fine Arts' MFA exhibition

Opening Friday 3 May at 19.00

The doors to the exhibition open at 17:00. Take your time to experience works by the fifteen young artists. Bar and DJ on floor 0.
At 18:00 Laura Cemin will perform her piece O (white cube, bouncy ball) in her installation on floor 6.
Inauguration talk at 19:00 by Katrin Holmqvist-Sten, head of Umeå Academy of Fine Arts and a presentation by Ariane Müller, guest professor and main tutor at the master's programme. The artists will be present.
Following this, more mingling in the exhibition and by the bar on floor 0.


In stories, the word meanwhile transfers us to an event taking place at the same time but in a place offset from the main event. We are transported to this other place and we know that this is so, because what is about to happen there will soon have an impact on the development of the story. Meanwhile is a signal to raise our attention. What is told now will matter in the story as it develops.

The Academy of Fine Arts Master exhibition is the final exhibition of a two-year long process of intensive discussions, research and work. For the young artists it is an opportunity to see, and show their work in the context of a museum. For the visitor it gives the chance of an insight into discourse within the field of contemporary art, the questioning of new materials and the evaluation of traditional ones. It poses questions, triggered by changes in the way we see and touch the world, both its tangible and its virtual realities. It is also a survey of the tension between a globalised discussion of how our world is visually represented and the experiences of a local reality meanwhile.


Participating artists
Martin Arvidsson, Johannes Blomgren, Jonas Börjesson, Laura Cemin, Siri Elfhag, Adrián Espinós Ferrero, Moa Gustafsson Söndergaard, Jonne Hansson, Agatha Lewandowski, Ingvild Melberg Eikeland, Ingeborg Paulsrud, Alex Rosa, Sally von Rosen, Linda Samuelsson and Peter Stridsberg.


3 - 19 May at Bildmuseet