I think that even if we might not notice it now, we probably will in a hundred years

An exhibition with BFA2 students from the Umeå Academy of Fine Arts

Opening Friday 24 February at 12.00

The exhibition is open 24 February - 7 March
Galleri Alva, the Hospital Library, NUS, Umeå


The human influence on the planet is now so great that its effects will reach hundreds of thousands of years into the future. Geologists have therefore coined the word Anthropocene, "The Age of Humans", in order to describe the times we live in. If, during the Ice Age, it was the inland ice that moved mountains and formed the landscape, it is now human beings that are doing the same thing. We transport and move around more soil and stone than all the world's rivers, glaciers, wind and water combined.  We affect the climate, the oceans, the arctic ice, the plants and animals. In this exhibition we want to explore the ambiguity of being human during the Anthropocene.


Participating artists: Elvira Borg, Tania Ezpeleta Dahlin, Suzi Damevska, Lova Gadd,  Henriikka Harinen, Klas Johansson, Linnea Johnels, Karolina Konecna, Lovisa Kurkkio, Rosanna Plüss, Johanne Sejersen, Julia Sjölin, Jonas Törnkvist och Josefine Östlund.