The stairs have a face

An exhibition with students from BFA2, Umeå Academy of Fine Arts

Norrbyskärs Museum

Opening Saturday June 17th at 12.00

Opening hours: 17 June - 9 July, 11.00 - 16.00 daily


Participating artists: Elvira Borg, Suzi Damevska, Henriikka Harinen, Klas Johansson, Linnea Johnels, Lovisa Kurkkio, Rosanna Plüss, Johanne Sejersen, Julia Sjölin, Jonas Törnkvist and Josefine Östlund.


The stairs have a face is an exhibition with BFA2-students from the Umeå Academy of Fine Arts, featuring painting, photography and drawings as well as sculpture, installation and film. The island of Norrbyskär and its connections to Utopia, industrialism and idealism is a starting point from where the artists make connections to the present-day.

The title The stairs have a face comes from a text by Romanian author Herta Müller. In her text she writes about how we give dead things human traits through language. The separate technical parts of a staircase are for example called CHEEKS and EYES. It seems that we try to recognize what is human in architecture through language. The title can also refer to how objects and architecture outlive us and on Norrbyskär this is extra noticable when we read the people and the memories into the architecture.

How to find Norrbyskär