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Ariane Müller, besides of living in Berlin and working as a visual artist and writer, has co-founded an Institute for Urbanism in Vienna in 1996, and has worked for several Austrian Ministries, the City of Vienna, and UNECE. She was part of the National Austrian Delegation to UN-HABITAT between 1996 and 2013. For the Iranian Artists and Architects Association she has been working with the City of Khoram Abad, Iran on a concept for sustainable development, and has made several field research studies in the area. She has written a novel about that time: Handbuch für die Reise durch Afrika (Manual for traveling through Africa), that has been published by Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Basel.

Coming from Berlin's conceptual art scene of the late 90ies, she has often worked in col-laborations, and has founded the artist run magazine Starship in 1998.

Currently she is working on the comical and an attempt to think Giorgio Agamben's text on Tiepolo together with Carla Lonzi's diaries, in order-to follow Lonzi's words-that feminism next time won't be a tragedy again but a comedy.

She has been teaching at the Accademy of Fine Arts Vienna, and UdK, Berlin, and has been giving seminars and lectures at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris, Academy in Aarhus, University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Kunstakademie München, amongst other places. She has published books on Martin Kippenberger, and Annette Wehrmann, and recently a book of the African writer Crispin Makacha, as well as a magazine on city planning, and the early Viennese art Fanzine Artfan.


She has been exhibiting at the Kunstmuseum Basel, Museum of Modern Art in Sydney, 6. Havana Biennial, Malmö Kunsthal, and Statens Museum Copenhagen, the CCA Tbilisi, Berlin Biennial-Gagosian Gallery, Goethe Institute New York, and Mexico City, Kunstverein Göttingen, Kunstverein Lüneburg, International Film-Festival Austin, Texas, and International Film-Festival Ankara, Videonale Bonn, and other places. She has also been one of the curators of the 6th Werkleitz Biennial, and has conceived exhibitions for the respective World Urban Forums in Nairobi (2004), Vancouver (2006), Nanjing (2008), and Rio de Janeiro (2010).

She has lived and worked in artist's residencies in New York, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Beijing and Tokyo.