The academy has several workshops and well experienced teachers in most techniques

The starting point is each student's individual art project, therefore the school requires great needs for technical knowledge.


A general introduction to the workshops for BFA1 and MFA1 focusing on safety and environmental impact, is performed every year at the start of the study year. Individual tutoring is required before the students are allowed to work unaided. The staff responsible for the workshops evaluate the aptitude and skills of each student.
Due to the risks, working alone in the workshops is not allowed.
The responsible staff informs on routines and regulations in each workshop. The students sign a contract to follow the provisions in terms.

Only current students are allowed to use the workshops.

The staff responsible for the workshops at the academy are present in the workshops on a daily basis and have a good view of the work taking place. They continuously monitor the equipment and materials used and take all necessary precautions for an in all aspects safe work to be conducted.


 FotolabbPhoto Lab


Ljud625Sound Studio


Vax625Wax Workshop


Formtagning625Plaster Workshop




Metall625Metal Workshop


Wood625Wood Workshop