Estrid Åkermark

...And the crowd goes wild; My rebirth into the nightlife
Sculpture  and Video installation Polylactide plastic, Plywood, Spray paint, Steel, Glass


A little spot where the young go to experience their first small taste of the night life Me? Well, I've never been there, perhaps, once, but I was so engulfed that I never made it to the door. "Hey, hey-look, Baby, they are playing our song!" And the crowd goes wild.


'The cat serves as the mascot/logo of the Flash-back forum, the biggest online forum in Sweden - 1 in 10 people have an account. Anonymous, known for its far right, misogynistic and racist content - it creates this one faceless creature.'

Malediction - 'the worst words revivify themselves within us, vampirically. Injurious speech echoes relentlessly, years after the occasion of its utterance, in the mind of the one at whom it was aimed: the bad word, splinter-like, pierces to lodge. "Am I that name; am I really one of those."*

* Denise Riley, Malediction, Impersonal Passions, Language as Affect, Duke University Press, Durham and London, 2005, pg 9/15

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